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Professional Photography

Professional photography is a crucial part of helping your listing stand out. We want your property to be as visually appealing as possible. Your photos will make a difference in the price of the listing. When the photos are done professionally, we can list your home at a higher price.

Maintenance and cleaning

Our team is proactive about general maintenance and cleaning. We research and find the best lawn maintenance, plumbers, electricians, and any other professionals needed in the area. We anticipate problems that may arise and take care of them before your guests arrive. However, if there is a problem while the guests are present, we have an on-call handyman.

Our cleaning staff is the best at what they do. We make sure your hideaway meets the highest standards for your guests. Every hideaway is cleaned by professionals and inspected by two team members. We make sure your hideaway is fully stocked and that your guests' needs are fully met.

villa courtyard canyon lake

Interior decorating and Outdoor environments

Redecorating your home is an investment and a way to make a space look bigger, brighter and welcoming. We want your guests to have an all-around fantastic experience and create an ambiance they can't get at a hotel. We have partnerships with companies to get you the best prices on furniture and decor. We strive to create a space they will want to come back to time and time again.

The outdoors are just as important as the inside. The guests should drive up and be excited about staying in your hideaway. Curb appeal is an essential part of the overall experience. We want your guests to enjoy being outside, too. We have a professional landscaper and outdoor environment expert on staff. He can help you create an exciting place for your guests with lighting, a fire pit, or fun games like corn hole.


At Laird's Hideaway, we are known for our communication. We are prompt and available when you or your guests need us. We handle all guest communications from start to finish. We ensure your guests receive your house rules and detailed check in and check out instructions. Each guest will receive a short questionnaire on their personal preferences. With this information, we will stock your hideaway with personalized amenities.


Property Owner Packages


$150 Minimum nightly rate

Management Percentage: 25%/Night

Maintenance and Cleaning

All Communications: Guests, Maintenance Team, Design Team

Marketing and Advertising

Listing Creations, Bookings, Dynamic Pricing

WORD Tax Reporting

Guest Verification

Household Supply (Purchase and Stock)*

Maintenance Oversight and Management

Guest Exit Cleaning

Post Stay Major Incident Evaluation

One Complementary Post Owner Stay Cleaning a Year

All Sets of Bed Linens Are Complimentary**

All Bath Towel Sets Are Complimentary**

Professional Photography ***

* You pay monthly restock fee. ** All bed and bath linens are included in the 25% management fee. *** Additional fee.

Luxury Package

$750 Minimum nightly rate

Management percentage: 30%/Night

All Basic Services

Meet, Greet, House Tour at Check-In if Needed

Personal Grocery Shopping Services Available for Guests

Professional Photography*

Two Complimentary Post Owner Stay Cleanings a Year

All sets of Luxury Bed Linens Are Complimentary

All Bath Towel Sets Are Complimentary

* Additional fee

Questions and Answers for Property Owners

Where do you manage properties?

We service properties in the greater Austin and San Antonio areas and everything in between. Our home base is located in Canyon Lake, Texas.

How Much does Laird's Hideaway charge for their management services?

We charge between 20%-25%, depending on the property and its management needs. After getting to know each home and client, we will provide a personalized package tailored to each property. Everything is laid out from the beginning so there are no surprises and never any hidden fees.

Will I have to communicate with the guests staying at my home?

No, our Hideaway team takes care of all customer communication. We will communicate with them from beginning to end. We will inquire of all of their personal needs and preferences for stocking your home to their liking. Any questions or concerns will be answered by our team.

What will check in and out be like for the guests?

Guests will be sent detailed arrival instructions in advance as well as your house rules. Typically, we will have a lock box with the keys inside and a different code for each new guest. Once they are inside, they will be greeted with a care package and any items they requested. At checkout, they will have detailed instructions tailored to your house's needs.

Redecorating can be expensive, is it really worth it?

Yes! Redecorating your home is an investment and a way to make a space look bigger, brighter and welcoming. We want your guests to have an all-around fantastic experience and create an ambiance they can't get at a hotel. We have partnerships with companies to get you the best prices on furniture and decor. We strive to create a space they will want to come back to time and time again.

Can I clean my home myself?

No, because we are here to make renting out your property hassle free, remember? Our job is to make your life easier and that is why we charge a cleaning fee to the renter. They pay for it and we find and manage a grade A cleaning service and will keep your home spotless! We also always do a two-person thorough inspection before each new guest arrives. These services are all included in our upfront management fee.

Should I keep valuable or personal items out and do things get stolen often?

We highly recommend that you do not leave out valuable or sentimental personal items out while guests are staying. Our team provides the complimentary service of personally removing those items and replacing them when you are back in your home. However, the items removed by our staff must be limited because we prefer to put our time into making sure your home is perfect when the guest arrives.

Unfortunately, people do take items but not often because in the short-term rental business the renters get reviewed just like we do and a bad review can prevent them from staying somewhere in the future. We also typically have a deposit that we can use to replace the item. However, the most common things taken are small items that can be easily replaced. The reality of short-term rentals is there will be wear and tear on items like plates, sheets and other frequently used items. This is something we keep a close eye on and plan for at Laird's hideaway.

Can we rent out part of our house?

No, we only provide management for entire houses. If it is your personal house, you must be gone the entire time the guests are there. If you don't have multiple homes then we are a great service for when you go away on your vacation. You can vacation in peace while knowing your home is being taken care while making some extra cash!

We'll Make Sure Your Guests Can See & Do Anything


Winery Tours

Wine Tours are available no matter where you stay. See, taste and experience the difference of a truly luxurious wine tasting tour. We'll help you Explore your options with some of the best wineries around. 


Cultural Sites

Blanton Museum of Art, Austin
Circuit of the Americas, Austin
Texas State Capitol Building, Austin
Natural Bridge Caverns, New Braunfels
The Alamo Mission, San Antonio
River Walk, San Antonio, just to name a few!


Market Tours

Anything from Austin's famous food trucks to San Antonio's Markets of all kinds. Or, take a nice little detour to Waco and experience Magnolia Market by Joanna Gaines to shop for vintage items.


Leisure Activities

From rock climbing to fly fishing, if it can be done outside, it can be done in Texas.


Bike, Walking and Hiking Trails

Anywhere from Austin to San Antonio and all places in between have some of the greatest places to experience.


Horseback Riding

If you'd like to go horseback riding, we'll provide the best suggestions in the area.